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Mini Course Images-07-2
  • Manage your response to conflict
  • Increase emotional awareness
  • Build conflict resolution skills
Mini Course Images READY-10
  • Identify your core beliefs and values
  • Build self-esteem and communication skills
  • Learn to set boundaries, be assertive, and have empathy
Mini Course Images READY-11
  • Respect for self and others
  • Evaluate personal relationships for warning signs of abuse
  • Recognize and overcome coercive pressures in relationships
Mini Course Images READY-12
  • Learn about types of harassment and bullying
  • "Are you a Cyberbully?" self-evaluation
  • Identify consequences of bullying to self and others
Mini Course Images READY-08
  • Identify anger triggers
  • Learn to interrupt anger signals
  • Use anger management tools for future success
Mini Course Images READY-09
  • Common coping strategies for dealing with stress
  • Managing your response to stress
  • Reflection and action plan
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